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The Product

The grass is always greener as they say and my greener grass has always been curly hair. Loose, wavy curls to be exact. I love curled hair, whether it be on a man or woman and I have a strong suspicion it's due from hair envy. My hair doesn't take curl nicely, unless toxins and/or extreme heat is involved. Enter in the Corioliss Clipless curling wand! Just like a wizard's wand, this wand is magical. Depending on the type of curl desired, there are different wand sizes. I tried the 18mm which promises small, bouncy curls.

The Guts

The tourmaline ceramic wand and ionizing technology won't fry your hair and are pretty standard features in quality irons, so always always make sure yours has these. The kit also comes with a small resting stand and glove (essential).


Normally $130, you can get this wand off Misikko for $99!


I tried out this wand for a wedding awhile ago. In order to figure this wand business out, I youtubed for lessons. It looked "easy enough" so off I went. The wand heated up within a couple minutes - in fact, the heat made me sweat a bit! Contrary to the videos, using this wand was quite tricky. I think the longer hair you have, the easier time you'll have of it because I burned my face and arm a couple times while doing the back. The whole process was pretty quick though. You don't need to hold the hair around the wand much at all, just wind around and slide slowly out to get a soft, bouncy curl! Check out my results below:

Corioliss Curling Wand

Results lasted overnight without much loosening and only a couple spritzs of holding hairspray. Very good!

Buy or Ditch?

Buy! If you're someone who wants to curl their hair a lot, this is a good tool to have. I found the curls produced by the wand to be smaller, rounder, and softer than the ones my flat iron (1" barrel) gave me, with the same staying power.

Final Verdict: A

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