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The Product

Looking for that perfect pick-me-up in the morning? For some, that means a steaming mug of coffee, or the smell of fried eggs in the morning, but for others, waking up begins with a cleansing shower. Nothing wakes me up like that first hit of warm water on my face and if my shower can not only cleanse me, but make me smell great too, then even better!

The Guts

Today's product review features a body wash that promises cleansing power, plus the use of stimulating scents to perk your tired body up. Grapefruit and lemongrass burst out of tiny invigorating beads to deliver a tangy fresh scent, while moisturizers like sunflower oil soften skin. This body wash's gel formula lathers up quickly to cleanse and moisturize simultaneously, and like all Dove products, contains 1/4 moisturizers.

Price & Packaging

Only around $10 for a very large bottle - an awesome price! Its oval-shaped bottle is a little slippery to pick up in the shower with soapy hands due to its wider middle, but it does feature a great little flip top.


The gel formula lathers up nicely, although you have to use a generous amount to really get it going. In fact, this body wash didn't lather as much as most others I have tried, which was slightly disappointing. However, it does get big points for its luscious fruit scent, which was rather intoxicating and as refreshing as claimed. It rinsed away quickly and effectively and didn't leave my skin dry. Since using this product, my boyfriend even claims my knees have gotten smoother!

Buy it or ditch it?

I might buy this product again, just because it smells so good and cleansed well.

Final Verdict: Great citrus scent that left skin squeaky clean and smooth, however you need to use a lot of product.

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