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I hate autumn. From the soggy leaves and endless rain, to the monotonous grey skies, autumn is definitely a miserable season! And on the Pacific west coast, one can only look forward to more of the same, only with colder temperatures, as we head into winter. Such weather makes me want to do nothing more than curl up into a ball with a hot chocolate, but unfortunately people can't make like bears and hibernate until April; thus, the only solution is to dress warm and defy the elements!

A key part of good winter armour is a thick winter coat. There are endless options out there for a chic winter coat, but often they can also cost quite a few pretty pennies. Luckily you have people like me with time on their hands to find you deals! Recently I was alerted to the presence of a great little website called eFashionLane. eFashionLane sells the latest fashions from Japan and Korea to deprived North Americans eager for the best of Asia's fashion-forward style. Curious to check it out, I decided to peruse their coat section and found quite a few sweet picks:

Hot coats for cold winters

This classic white coat is the epitome of elegance and class. The bow-tie waist and over sized matching buttons give it a sweetness that keeps this coat from being austere.

Lady Jacket

Lady Jacket

As soon as I spotted this, I wanted it immediately. Available in 4 colours, this coat features a belted waist, hood, and luxurious fur trim. I've wanted a coat like this ever since I saw Kate Hudson in Almost Famous and this coat is almost as good.

Indulge your inner Blair Waldorf by going for a preppy houndstooth coat. This coat features great tailoring with its flared bottom, bubbled sleeves, and round collars. Perfect with last year's skinny jeans.

Chic Jacket

Chic Jacket

Be unique yet classic with this long coat featuring rounded collars, discreet over sized buttons, and bubble sleeves. Available in 3 colours.

Love these picks or hate 'em? Leave your thoughts in the comments! As for the men, fear not for your Hot Coats for Cold Winters picks will be forthcoming!

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