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Halloween Ho's

As we all know, Halloween is that special time of year when every little girl can indulge in her inner slutty side and dress up in as skanky a costume as she please. Whereas guys seem to go for costumes that are humourous, girls seek only to look as "hot" as possible. This is not to say that there is no creativity involved in a girl's costume; on the contrary, there is a lot of careful thought put into such costumes as "sexy librarian" or "sexy prisoner". Don't mock the hours of hard work put into making strategic rips in one's clothing and the purchasing of nipple cups!

For myself, in the past two years I have been a hawaiian hula girl, a bunny, and last year, I was a fairie. The fairy costume was a cheap sell-out based around the fact that I wanted to show off my new white fur suede boots, but this year I am totally going legit with a trashy halloween costume from trashy.com This year, I will be a flight attendant, a la the Britney Spears video for Toxic. I found the costume thanks to my friend, who also is getting a costume from Trashy, as a soda pop girl. Normally, Trashy is a skank version of La Senza, offering a wide range of lingerie and "costumes" modeled by people like Dita Von Teese, but for Halloween they expand their wares with tons of great costumes like schoolgirl/scout uniforms, storybook characters, cowgirls, athletes, french maids, and cheerleaders. Based out of LA, they have many famous customers, such as Ms. Trashy herself, Britney Spears.

Now normally, I argue that women should value themselves and not be skanky, but as the expression goes, everything in moderation, including moderation, so for one night of the year I will say that it's not only ok, but good, to slip on those stilettos, cinch up that corset, and head into the night.

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