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Music and fashion. Fashion and music. What is it about the two that fascinates the mind and soul? Many have tried to explain, and I'll leave the eloquent explanations to them. For me, music makes the body move and fashion clothes the body, of course it makes perfect sense that the two go hand in hand.

One such upcoming musician ready to take on the fashion/music worlds is the young soul singer Diane Birch. With one glance at her gorgeously rich brunette bangs, pillowy lips, and vintage style, Diane is reminiscent of Kate Moss, Sienna Miller, Liv Tyler etc. Her voice is just as beautiful, with a rich soulful sound that echoes that of our parent's generation. Take a cue from her mix of the old and new by mixing funky patterns, with battered classics, a touch of androgyny, and one perfect hat.

Garnier knows how to spot great style and they had a chance to talk to the lovely Diane Birch herself about her music and style:

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