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Manly Fashion Question: trends for dress shirts in 2013-1

Ooh I'm so excited because I got a reader question the other day! Reader questions are great because 1) it means people actually care enough about my blog to ask stuff, and 2) it saves me from coming up with an idea of something to write. The question posed to me was: what are some good options for guy's dress shirts that are casual yet may be worn out to the club or a date? Well honey, let me enlighten you!

Manly Fashion Question: trends for dress shirts in 2013-2

As with last season, the trend is to play with patterns and textures. Men may use a monochrome palette a la Club Monaco's love of black/white/gray combos, in their outfits, but try mix it up with varying textures and prints. This Marciano Sicily shirt (see top-left) is a rather plain example of this idea: a flat black color, but it has a shiny tuxedo pleating down the middle that give it an interesting detail. If black isn't your thing, I also like Armani Exchange's basket weave shirt in a crisp white (see right), and at $88 it's a steal. Also, try to play around with different patterns beyond good ol' stripes and solids - like the check pattern used in this fun Banana Republic shirt (see left).

Manly Fashion Question: trends for dress shirts in 2013-3

Unfortunately for men, their fashion options aren't as varied as for us women. While we girls are offered everything from solids, to tweeds, to checks, to zebra prints, for men there seem only an endless amount of variations on the plain striped shirt. However, though stripes may be typical, it's not necessarily boring. Like a classic LBD on a woman, a nice striped shirt can be eternally appealing, as seen below:

Stripes are also quite chic on a properly cut men's blazer. Blazers are a great dressy option since they may be paired with so many different shirts. If you're going for a more upscale look for a dinner date, or a nice club, pair it with a dress shirt; if you're going for something a little more casual, pair the blazer with a fun casual shirt, such as this Christian Audigier argyle tee (images are copyrighted so I can only provide the link, sorry!)

Other shirt trends for 2008 include the slowly ubiquitous pink shirt, but other colors are also coming into play, such as orange! It really comes down to how open one is to taking risks and expressing themselves. Too often guys are too lazy to put some thought into what they wear, but with a little effort, they will find it will go a long way.

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