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The grass is truly greener on the other side. Most of my life, I've been like most girls and pined for that which I didn't have: long legs, blue eyes, blond locks, and curly hair. The last one was the easiest to achieve with all the plethora of hair frying implements out there. There were even yes, a few brief periods where I let my yearning for curls drive me into getting a perm at various salons, to varying degrees of success. Let's just say that after a month, I longed for my sleek locks again.

Now I never have to commit to a style again now that I discovered small barrel flat irons a year ago. My previous thought was that flat irons were essentially a hand-held, higher-quality version of the one you use for clothes, but technology was way ahead of my archaic perceptions. Today's flat irons promise sleek shine, or loose waves in minutes and without damaging your hair excessively.

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