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walk-in closet

Welcome to my walk-in closet. Obviously this outfit was worn in slightly warmer times (well, October) because currently I am half drowning in all the recent rain we've been getting. The other half of me is drowning in holiday stress. I kinda hate holidays now. Before Christmas was my favourite time of year because I was a kid and I got presents and there were bright lights on trees and tons of cookies!! Now I'm too old to get a mountain of stuff - now I buy the mountain of stuff for others, and am too lazy to decorate haha! But don't think I've gone totally Scrooge; I still have a soft spot for bright lights and dancing Santa animatronic decorations. How are you faring this holiday season? Any tips for detoxing off holiday stress? So far, my way of coping is buying too many clothes and shoes - very unhealthy!

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