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Snow covered squirrell

Is it a squirrel? A chipmunk? An unlucky mouse who climbed a tree and got his dumb self stuck? I don't know and frankly does it even matter? All I know is that it is CUTE. I love how Mr. Artist likes to fuel my obsession for cute animals by sending me daily injections of adorableness. When I'm feeling down, I just shoot myself back up again by looking at a cute teeny animal with excessive fuzziness and huge eyes. Oddly enough, this also could describe me when I first wake up in the morning with bedhead.

I've been having a great time reading all your horrid hair stories on my latest giveaway - keep them coming! When the winner is announced next week, I'll be sharing my horrible hair moment! Hopefully tonight will not be making that list as it is my office's Christmas party. I've been pondering the last couple weeks on how to do my hair and scouring for the perfect LBD for the party's black & white theme. Alas, I saw no LBD or LWD that made go "ooh" so I'm opting to shop in my own closet. Also my wallet would scream at me because I just bought 2 pairs of leather boots, and a pair of Michael Kors clogs (all on sale though)! As for hair, I'm opting for a soft curls pulled into a bun. Wish me luck readers!

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