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CoverGirl LashBlast Mascara

A good mascara is hard to find. There are lengtheners, voluminizers, conditioners, colour-ers, even ones which form synthetic tubules on your lashes; however, there has yet to be one that does all of the above. CoverGirl's LashBlast is not a miracle, but it's a pretty good attempt at one. This orange tube hasn't been on the block for awhile like good old pink & green, but it's causing quite a stir.

LashBlast features a unique wand that takes the opposite approach to most mascara wands as the wand itself is thicker, while the bristles themselves appear shorter. At first I was skeptical that such a configuration would be able to properly coat my lashes without stabbing myself in the eye, but I was pleasantly surprised! The wand deposits product smoothly and thickly, giving me darker and thicker lashes, although one must be careful about clumpage. The best part though of this mascara is its staying power. LashBlast was the first waterproof formula I've ever tried and I must say that I'm rather pleased with the results. This stuff stays on so strong that I wore it out in Taiwan during a typhoon, and I likely could go swim laps with nary a smudge. LashBlast is the perfect mascara for applying to your lower lashes without worry of a mid-afternoon under-eye smudge. The only downsides with this product is that post-application, my lashes feel like brittle sticks and it was really hard to take off with my non-oil based makeup remover. Perhaps that is a consequence of the waterproof formula, but you may wish to buy a lash conditioner to apply at night, or on non-makeup days, to keep lashes feeling soft and lush. As a cheap alternative, buy a jar of Vaseline and smear a teeny dab onto lashes overnight.

Final Verdict: Good quality mascara that stays put through rain and hail. The tube is also larger than normal yet for the same price as regulars, so it is definitely more bang for your buck!

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