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The Theory of Sexual Inflation

Stop thinking dirty thoughts, perv. This is not about you-know-what, this is a legitimate post! This last week I've been studying for midterms, particularly my International Business midterm, in which we studied inflation rates among various countries. For a quick layman's definition here, inflation is when a country increases its supply of printed money in order to help fund government projects, rather than increasing taxes. As a consequence, because there is more money floating around, its value overall goes down because there is more supply than demand for it. Last night I happened to be mulling over this (don't ask, but I have the strangest thoughts at 3am) and I had a sudden brainwave: this idea could be extended to people!

Now whether you are a man or a woman, this theory applies. Imagine that a person is like a commodity, with various qualities which make them desirable; i.e. their sense of humour, their good looks, their kindness etc. Now, since there is only one of you (cloning not being common yet), and given that you are considered a somewhat good "catch", demand for you should be reasonably high. However, if you just give yourself away to anyone, such as by sleeping around and/or flirting madly with anyone that pays the slightest attention to you, then you are increasing your "supply" too much and thus demand for you will go down as anyone with standards will see that you are a cheap commodity and therefore not worth their time.

Often, I have seen cases of both men and women who will just take anything that comes their way, and seen how as a result, others view them as less desirable. For instance, I know of a guy who despite being "cool" and a popular DJ, could only get dirty club-rats; and a girl who after making out with almost every guy in her residence, was deemed "nasty" by all. After all if a man/woman will pay as much attention to you as they would to the next available body that walks by, then how special can they be? It's worth thinking about. Have some higher expectations of yourself. Don't be the LV purse that everyone has, instead be a Birkin bag.

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