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Previously I covered cheap back to school essentials for girl's. Well, this time it's the guy's turn. Since guys love comfortable clothes, I tried to choose picks that were stylish, versatile, and comfortable. Oh yeah, and cheap! An important tip for guys is to have more fun with your clothes: experiment! Choose items with colour, patterns, and contrast.

Back to School
Back to School for $100: guy's edition

It's not as hard to mix and match as you think, and a little will go a long way to making you stand out. Cool graphic tees, like the Thelonius Monk one for you soul lovers, make a statement and look great under a timeless black blazer. When the weather gets colder, just replace the graphic tee with a sweater. Again, grey is my choice colour this season for guys as well as gals: check out the dark grey cardigan and the faded grey denim jeans. The grey denim especially is very fashion-forward, plus grey is like black: it goes with everything. So see guys, you can take a risk with your wardrobe with just a few small changes and you'll still have money left over for the latest version of Guitar Hero!

Back to School for $100: guy's edition

  • Gap Fitted brown plaid shirt
  • A. Tiziano's Sly Track Jacket (reversible)
  • Shades of Greige's Jersey Cardigan in Skinny Grey/Black Stripe
  • The Smooth Company's Mella Button Up in Navy
  • Gap Pinstriped vest
  • Gap Classic blazer
  • The North Face DJ bag
  • Friend or Foe's Action Thelonious Monk graphic tee
  • Broken English's Construck in Blue graphic tee
  • Adidas' The Campus II+ Suede Sneaker
  • Supra The Ryder Mid Sneaker
  • Supra The Black & Gold Cali Vulk Sneaker
  • LRG The So Fresh and So Clean Straight Root Fit Jean
  • Triko's The Black Rain Denim
  • GOOD SOCIETY's Straight in Alvin


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