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During my travels I visited many a Prada store. Visiting luxury malls is a sadistic pleasure for me: I get so much enjoyment out of gawking over items and imagining myself in 10 different outfits with the item in question, yet I cannot actually attain any of them! Ohh the pain. One such item that tortured me endlessly throughout my SE Asia trip was this Prada wallet.

Prada wallet
Prada wallet

Featuring the classic Prada logo in silver and luxurious Nappa leather, this wallet/clutch is simply beautiful. It comes in 4 different shades, but I preferred the sophisticated "antique mordore" colour for its versatility and trendiness. The ruching and slightly metallic sheen to the wallet elevates this item from boring minimalism to cool classic. Its size is also great as it is not so big as to become a dreaded pit clinger; however it could stand to be a bit wider - I seriously doubt being able to fit essentials like a cell phone inside it. Nevertheless, the Prada wallet is a great investment.

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