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In my dreams, I am sitting in a hammock tied between two tall lush palm trees, typing blog posts on my laptop while listening to the music of ocean waves crashing on the gold sand beach. The air is lush with the smell of plumeria and jasmine, and a cool sea breeze wafts across my bare legs. Aaah, if only paradise were so close. Until the day that dream can be realized, I'll have to make do with products that remind me of beautiful tropical places like Hawaii, such as The Body Shop's Miracle Monoi Oil.

Miracle Monoi Oil
Miracle Monoi Oil

This lush smelling oil is a multi-purpose spa treatment: body oil, bath and massage oil, plus hair oil treatment all in one! Based on Polynesian women traditions, this lightweight oil contains Monoi de Tahiti, a powerful potion of coconut, gardenia and jasmine flowers. It also contains Babassu oil from Brazil, a moisturizing ingredient derived from the rare babassu palm. Add a few skin quenching drops to your bath, or rub it into the skin post-shower, to soften even the most parched of skins. Alternatively, you could also use it as a conditioning hair treatment by rubbing into ends and leaving on overnight.

Since the ends of my hair are often crying for a little TLC, I usually use this as a leave-in hair treatment overnight once a week. The oil is very slick so spread evenly on hands before applying. For my shoulder-length fine hair, I used several quarter sized doses of this oil, since once it hits your hair it becomes somewhat hard to distribute evenly; however, I like to be generous with my conditioners, so if you're only looking to treat your ends you can afford to skimp a little. Comb through after application to evenly distribute the oil along your strands. After application, my hair was so well lubed, it looked like I hadn't washed it for a couple weeks! After a good night's rest, it was into the shower to wash it all out. You really need to do a good shampoo to get the oil out, and even post-washing, my hair still felt slightly greasy. However, after a couple treatments there is definitely a noticeable difference: my hair felt softer, smoother, and the oil left my strands smelling like plumeria, which if you haven't smelt that before, is a gorgeously fresh scent. As a side benefit, your hands will also feel softer just from applying this product to your hair!

Final Verdict: a great moisturizing agent for skin and hair. Lush tropical scent that leaves you feeling like an exotic princess. Definitely purchase!

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