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Laptops are ugly. Face it, it's true. Except for MacBooks and Sony Vaio's, most laptops are very utilitarian and boring. It's not the laptop manufacturers fault, they are just trying to market to everyone, but it does seem like laptops are designed by someone who doesn't care a whit about style (namely, a computer geek). Laptop bags are even worse. Look around your local computer store and you will see bags made of ugly scratchy nylons, with big loopy straps that cut into your shoulders and that are heavy and huge. What fashionista wants to be seen with one of those?! Luckily there are retailers like Career Handbags out there that give poor girls like me some hope.

The Picks

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The most minimal option is to forgo an ugly laptop bag in the first place and opt for a chic laptop sleeve instead. These often come in more stylish options than bags, such as these Melissa Beth Velour Funk-tional compartment laptop sleeves. These sleeves feature a cozy velour exterior and padded interior made of stain-resistant fabrics, and come in a variety of retro-chic patterns. I preferred the Dusty Pink and Passion Purple versions, but if you're looking for a version with longevity, then the Midnight Black is a better, more adult, bet. You don't want to enter the board room with a light pink laptop sleeve in front of all the big bosses!

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If you're looking for something slim and light, but larger than just a laptop sleeve, then this Knomo Slim laptop case is for you. At just 0.8 lbs, this bag is light enough for even the feeblest to carry and small enough to fit easily into a larger bag. Made with leather and nylon, the Slim also features a retractable handle and can easily fit a 15" laptop. The Slim comes in a variety of colours but I feature the two I like best here: the taupe is soothing and professional, while the yellow is youthful and modern. Choose the one that suits you best.

This gorgeous baby is the Knomo Una Laptop tote and it is certainly the most urban trendy of the offerings shown here. I think this purse, er, bag would be perfect for the young, urban working professional, or the chic university student. I love the quilting and the white leather trim on this bag. Knomo bags are also simply awesome because they come with a 2-year quality guarantee and feature a high-tech tracking system if you should happen to (gasp!) lose this beautiful bag, or I should happen to steal it from you.

I really love this bag and was very tempted to buy it! The only thing stopping me was my upcoming summer tuition fees and new prescription glasses - so tragic! This JoJo bag in Amy Light Brown really reminds me of a Coach purse, but without that annoying Coach logo so I automatically like it that much better. The bag comes with an attachable shoulder strap and can hold a 17" laptop, as well as all your other miscellaneous things, including your lunch! Plus, at $99 this bag is such a steal. I am so torn.

For the classic style lovers out there, this Clark & Mayfield bag boasts real Italian leather, a faux suede interior lining, metal feet, and a zippered top with ample room for a 15" laptop, with space left over for papers, notebooks, and handy pockets for your cell phone, pens, and business cards.

An Excuse for Shopping

No longer are you condemned to wearing an ugly bag to lug around your dailies between home, work, or school - now you can have a handbag that is stylish and useful! Sure beats those strange super-clutches out there. How do you even carry those behemoths gracefully?! Looking at these bags above really make me want to go striding out there with my chic laptop bag and a hot power suit straight from the 80s - now that's real girl-power!


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