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Victoria's Secret Luminous Shadow

I love a good shimmery eye-shadow - they look good sheer in daytime and provide some glam shine at night. The other day while I was shopping in my local La Senza, I stopped to pick up a couple of these roll-on shadows by Victoria's Secret.

At the super cheap price of 2/$10, it was an easy decision to pick a couple of these babies up. The tube is compact enough to fit into a tiny clutch for evening/daytime touchups and the shadow is straightforward to apply, just roll it on! The product also comes in a variety of cute shimmery shades, ranging from pale nudes, to bronzes that are ideal for any skin tone, to dark silvers and navy. I purchased two shades: after midnight, a dark navy colour, and emerald city, a dark vibrant green.

Only problems I have with this product is that the colour goes on a bit inconsistently; either it will initially come out very sheer, or it will come out in a dark swathe of colour. The shades also tend to flake a lot during application, so I would apply the shadow first, before dusting on powder or foundation (gently wipe off flakes with a dry tissue to avoid staining your skin). Eventually I learned that you should apply this product like a smudgy eyeliner, then use your finger to spread the shadow up into the crease of your eyelids. Once you've mastered this, the shadow is quite easy to apply and can be layered easily depending on how dramatic a look you want. Another disappointing point with these shadows is that they are not quite as shimmery as I'd hoped, but maybe if you purchase a more metallic colour, such as the copper or gold shades, you'll have better luck with the luminosity factor.

Final Verdict: Good variety of shades and super cheap, however flakes a lot on application and doesn't deliver as much shine as advertised. An ok product.

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