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Incognito: having one's identity concealed, as under an assumed name, esp. to avoid notice or formal attentions.

Today's style word is certainly serendipitous, which is another big word meaning "ooh how rather fortunate!" The reason incognito is serendipitous to me is that I have felt the need recently to be, well, incognito. Recently I signed up for a volunteer position as a student ambassador spreading propaganda, er, I mean the good word about my university. My job is to call up students who've been offered admission and give them some perspective about university life. I highly recommend university or some post-secondary studies to all who can pursue it! University is sooo much better than high school - it's much more fun and people don't stare if you come to classes in pyjamas (not that I ever have). Anyways, back on topic! After my first shift volunteering, I happened to run into a fellow volunteer and we started chatting on the way to the parking lot. He seems like a pretty cool guy: nice-looking, smart, and well-spoken, buuuttt a tad too friendly. By too friendly I mean he followed me to my car and asked for my number. In the name of friendliness and not wanting to assume too much, I gave it. Cue blowhorn! That same night, he called to ask me out for coffee, but luckily I missed it. Maybe I'm a tad sensitive, but I've had a couple weirdo experiences, so if a guy calls me within 24 hours, it screams too eager to me. 15 minutes prior I didn't even know the guy's name and now he is calling to ask me out a few hours later?! That kind of behaviour makes me very suspicious that his intentions are not just friendly, not to mention I'm not looking for those kind of intentions either. However, granted though I declined that day, I am willing to give him a chance since I still have to see him for another week of volunteering and volunteer people shouldn't be psychos right? And he could just be acting friendly right? Right??

Perhaps in the name of safety then, I should invest in an incognito outfit and thankfully Burberry and Aldo are to the rescue! This outfit makes me almost wish I were being pursued down a mist-filled London alley. Perhaps the closest I will ever come to it though is being pursued across my university campus by rabid bunnies. I still have yet to decide if that's a good thing or not.

Here is the outfit broken down:

  • Burberry Prorsum Disc dress. Ridiculously uncomfortable to sit in, yes. Probably scratchy to skin and a horror to wear, yes. However, this dress is a visual delight and I've always had a secret dream since I was 7 of wearing something flashy like this.
  • Burberry Trench Coat. I am an utter sucker for a pale taupe colored belted double-breasted trench coat with gold buttons.
  • Burberry Quilted Leather Gloves. I am also a sucker for quilting - it's so prim yet chic!
  • Dita Surrender Sunglasses. Damn you Americans and your non-shipping out of the US! These glasses are simple and elegant without overly indulging in the over-size trend-that-never-ends.
  • Aldo Gudrun heels. I thought I should throw in something actually affordable in this outfit. Certainly these shoes are terrible for running, but I like how they would give some structure to your feet to match the whimsicalness of the dress, and the classic lines of the trench coat.


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