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Style Word of the Day is a new feature where I look up a random word, and create an outfit out of it. Why? Well I was trying to think of a way to do something unique to my blog, justifies hours of mindless online shopping, and which is creative. Voila, this is what I came up with.

For the first edition of Style Word, I got excrescense. Not only is this word awkward to type, it also doesn't have a very "pretty" meaning, but anyhoo here goes...

excrescence \ik-SKRESS-uhn(t)s\, noun:

  • Something (especially something abnormal) growing out from something else.
  • A disfiguring or unwanted mark, part, or addition.

So when I think of "excrescense" (gawd what an awful word) I thought immediately of something to do with one's head. I was thinking, "ok, giant ugly hat and go from there," but then I thought well, this is supposed to be workable and actually appealing. If people just wanted to look at ugly outfits, they could just look at Perez Hilton! So I found something that fits the definition (odd growth out of something else) and found this slightly odd looking "ear-warmer" from Urban Outfitters.

Now, pair your "ear-warmer" (seriously, what was wrong with a simple set of ear-muffs?) with this light creamy-yellow City Limits tank by Urban Outfitters. This is your basic essential tank top that every girl should have in all the colours of the rainbow. I'm really into yellows this season, but sadly it is an unrequited love as yellow colours have a bad incestuous relationship with yellow skin.

Style Word of the Day: excrescense

Now for the meat of the outfit, which is this black Knit suspender Skirt also from Urban Outfitters. What's great about this pencil skirt is its trendy use of pleating, high waistline, and mini-skirt length. It's also very versatile with its removable suspenders, which take this skirt from downtown casual, to urban chic.

Finally, we end this outfit with some in-your-face fuschia, 4 inch patent leather heels by Hollywood Heels! These shoes make me drool because you gotta have attitude to pull off shoes this high and this outraegeously hued. The shoes add a much-needed shot of b*tch to this outfit to keep it from being too boring.

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