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I think my parents think I do too much. Yesterday my dad sent me an email with the "top 10 tips to living a healthy work-life balance." This, because I keep forgetting to do my weekly phone call home because well, I'm not often home! Things have seemed a bit crazy lately... though I also notice I tend to say that a lot. Thank god for gmail, google calendar, and my latest obsession, the Astrid Tasks app for Android! If you have android and are as forgetful as me, then this is your lifesaver. Think of it as a virtual brain that allows you to create prioritzed, scheduled to-do lists! You can add due dates, priorities, tags, and even make recurring appointments! After I received that witty email from my dad, I decided to add a recurring reminder to call home.

In other news, I've gotten some great mail lately!! I ordered and received, what my friend called, a "photography bible" off Amazon (now to find time to read!) and the perfect red & white checkered vintage bathing suit off Modcloth (now to find time to lose weight!!). Will try to twitpic later. Also, I need your help readers! As previously mentioned, I'm doing a 365 photo project and I need a color theme for June! April was pink, and May green, so.. what shade personifies June?? To help you think, here are a few photos I've posted recently...

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