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Lancome Tresor Perfume

There are few things more girly than perfume and a perfume that smells of flowers and romance is even girlier. I love perfume, not only for its exotic scents and ability to trigger memories, but also for the perfume bottles themselves. Many perfume bottles are works of art in themselves and perfectly capture the essence of a scent in its cut glass lines.

Currently I am lusting over Lancome's Tresor perfume. With its lush notes of rose, apricot, heliotrope, iris, amber, and sandalwood, this perfume is rich with the scents of a Parisian romance, yet comes off with a light freshness that keeps this scent from being over-powering. Kate Winslet is the face for Tresor and I couldn't think of anyone better to embody this perfume. Kate is luminous in the Tresor ads with her pure white skin and luminous eyes (so jealous) and of course we all know Kate can do romance - hello, remember Titantic and Sense & Sensibility anyone? Together Kate and Tresor make up a perfect combination of class, beauty, and romance that is as sweepingly gorgeous as a good English romance novel.

Doesn't this just make you want to go put on a corset dress and go running through some cobblestoned streets? I know I do!


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