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ostentation \os-ten-TAY-shuhn\, noun: Excessive or pretentious display; boastful showiness.

This style word of the day brought to mind of a woman who is trying to impress. She has money and assets and she wants to show them off! To me, that means a look that's sexy, luxurious, and excessive in every way. What came to my mind when thinking of a woman with that kind of confidence, made me immediately think of one thing.

A cougar

If you don't know, a cougar is defined as an older woman who has a taste for younger men. One might even say that these younger men are their prey. A women of such a description would likely have money and I imagine, a killer sense of style. Oh, the innuendos. Anyways, let us deconstruct the outfit!

First is the dress. Of course I had to use leopard-skin being as there's no cougar-skin prints out there. I like this dress because it hugs every curve and the feel of satin against your skin is just fabric sex.

To accessorize properly with such a dress, one needs major shine and the best shine of course is gold. I love the simplicity of these twisted hoop earrings by Argento Vivo that give a sense of softness and don't distract from the face. The jet ring by KJL evokes power and comes in an over-the-top size. The large size of the ring is balanced by wearing the CC Skye braided double mesh bracelet; the design is unique and the heaviness of the gold also serves as a counterpoint to the ring.

On the feet, we have the gorgeous Gillian metallic leather, 4.5" stilettos by L.A.M.B. Oh my god these shoes literally made me drool. Though probably about as comfortable as getting a bikini wax by someone you knew back in high school, these shoes are the definition of pain as pleasure. Wearing these, I would feel like a true sexual diva and really, isn't walking overrated - with shoes like these, one can draw the men in while simply striking a confident pose by the bar.

Lastly this look really needed something ostentatious, something ridiculously expensive. The solution of course, was a handbag and this one by Fendi fits the bill. This patent leather baguette is a luxury item at its $1680 price and it fits the criteria of sexiness and boastfulness. One doesn't buy a Fendi bag like this if they don't want to show it off! Made of black patent leather, this bag has a removable shoulder strap and polished gold hardware. The purse is designed with simple lines, but it features the Fendi logo everything in its hardware.

Altogether I would definitely say that if I saw the woman wearing this, I would think that she had something to show off, but that she was trying perhaps a little too hard at it. Pity the men who fall unwittingly into her path!


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