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Sally Hansen Diamond Strength instant nail hardener

Those who say working in retail is easy don't know squat. The desert-like mall air coupled with the constant rubbing of clothes against skin as you endlessly fold and restock items really takes a toll on your hands. In a single shift, my hands can go from soft and perfect, to jagged nails and dried out tips. To counteract these effects, I moisturize thoroughly before and after each shift, as well as occasionally use the lotion we keep in store for such emergencies. However, my nails are left as "open wounds" until I can get home and repair my hangnails. Luckily, I have found a great, cheap, product that has restored my nails' strength!

Sally Hansen's Diamond Strength Instant Nail Hardener is a miracle in a bottle. This simple base coat promises to eliminate splitting, peeling, and cracking by sealing in moisture with its special diamond complex that hardens the nail's surface into an impervious surface! Plus, this thing is cheap! While I seriously doubt there are any real "diamonds" in it, this product did live up to its promise of delivering strong nails in a week. Only one coat is needed to last several days without significant chipping and it dries super fast too. I cannot rave enough about this product, so if you have dried out nails, get out there and get yours now.

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