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Why Are Women UnHappy?

I just read this post from Globe & Mail while eating my pasta salad at my desk at work and I almost wanted to jump up yelling "You tell it sister!!" I'm so feeling this girl's words.

Feminism seems to have been sold out for "sex power", if you even want to call that "empowerment" - I'm sorry but every girl I've personally met who says that with a serious face is an idiot.

Women haven't gotten equality, they've just gotten more stuff to do. The author makes a good point in saying that women are now expected to not only look smoking hot, but also be able to keep a clean home and work her way up to CEO. How the heck does an ordinary person do that?! If you have the answer please tell me. Sometimes I get really tired of people acting surprised when I tell them I'm studying engineering because I'm "cute"; is this a compliment on my appearance, or an insult to people's assumptions on who can be intelligent? I don't blame men for the way the world is, because the blame is partly on women as well. Women need to stop putting down other women and perpetuating these stupid ideas of what a women "should be like" - until then, we'll have stupid guys like David Leonhardt who chalk up all of women-dom's problems to the fact that "the new American dustiness affects women's happiness more than men's."


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