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The Spice Girls

With the announcement of a reunion tour for the Spice Girls, it got me reminiscing back to my old days when the Spice Girls first came out on the scene... I was eleven and I distinctly remember telling the other girls in my jazz funk dance class that Wannabe was a one-hit wonder and that in a few years nobody would admit to having loved the Spice Girls. I was short, sassy, and into hard alternative at the time. I apparently was also psychic. The Spice Girls disappeared eventually like all the others, but now, like the Backstreet Boys, they're back! But, do the Spice Girls, or rather Spice Women, have what it takes to make a comeback, especially against their modern incarnations, the Pussycat Dolls?

Both exhibit some key similarities: both are multiple member singing and dancing groups who pump out catchy dance tunes and pop ballads and spout out ditzy feminist slogans such as "Girl Power!" and "We're sassy, not trashy". As well, both are highly manufactured and run like businesses with tons of merchandise ranging from dolls to movies (in the case of the Spice Girls). After watching The Search for the Next Doll though, I'd have to give the sheer talent and work ethic award to PCD. Those girls work hard! They practice dancing and singing everyday while being watched under the controlling eye of Robin, their creator. Plus Nicole definitely sings better, and they all dance better, than the Spice Girls ever could - and in stilettos no less! Also PCD is much hotter than the Spice Girls, but their hotness is also part of what makes them unappealing to me.

Pussycat Dolls

I don't have anything against attractive women or embracing one's femininity, but the PCD style of feminism via pole-dancing and their stripper roots doesn't strike me as entirely ideal as role-models for their large pre-teen female audience. Also their "sassiness" seems really insincere to me. Artists like Pink are sassy and you know it's for real, but when Nicole and co. speak about how they don't need a man to buy their own bling, or how they hump and dress like hos "only for themselves," it just seems canned and as if they're speaking lines. Plus, what the heck are the names of the other dolls?! Anyone can say each of the nicknames and describe the personas of each Spice Girl, but does anyone know if the other Dolls even speak?! I swear, sometimes it seems like there are 5 Dolls in the music videos and sometimes up to 7! For instance, when did that other girl who sings in the Buttons video show up? I swear she wasn't in Don'Cha. At least the Spice Girls sang about safe sex and true love. PCD sings about tempting a man in front of his girlfriend and telling him to "loosen up my buttons" faster - how is this female empowerment??

I suppose the old expression "sex sells" is true and it's certainly working for PCD, but I prefer the Spice Girls innocent sauciness. Or maybe I'm just getting old. I think in terms of musical success, the Spice Girls seem to win - after the band faded, many of the girls went onto moderately successful solo careers and Victoria Beckham has certainly maintained her celebrity status. I doubt anyone could say the same of the majority of PCD members. However, it seems that PCD wins in terms of influence; I've heard many girls my age echo the same "I'm not skanky, I'm smart!" lines as them and who follow the "hot girl" philosophy that they preach. It's scary actually how many believe this kind of thinking to be valuable. I just hope, that when PCD inevitably follows the Spice Girls into oblivion, that their way of thinking does as well. Overall, the final score would see PCD win on talent, and the Spice Girls on personality, but since this is after all my blog, I'm going to give it to the Spice Girls. I'd never thought I'd say this, but

Go Girl Power!

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