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Even though at times I think that clutches are a great way to impart your pit smell to your purse, they are also very attractive and irresistible to me. However, attractive bags can give you well, a lot of baggage in the way of crippling financial debt! Does one choose food, lodging, and education, or that perfect Gucci bag? It is a dilemma.

Banana Republic's oversized croc-embossed clutch
Banana Republic's oversized croc-embossed clutch

However, there is an alternate path for those unable to swim in a sea of coins a la Scrooge McDuck in Duck Tales. Take this beautiful oversized clutch from Banana Republic. I seem to have a weakness lately for practical yet hot purses and this clutch shown above is both practical and beautiful. The gorgeous teal peacock colour is a great accent for all seasons and definitely eye-catching in a sea of bland black leathers, plus the size makes it practical as an everyday bag. Lastly, the croc embossing on the bag gives it a luxurious feel for much cheap. As in $130 cheap. Does it get any better than this?

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