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What I learned When in Vegas

  1. Be strategic at buffets. Do not bulk up on carbs, but instead only eat veggies and meats where possible. Only stock up on select carbs, if you really love them. Also, take tiny portions of everything because there is a very wide variety and you will never get to try everything otherwise.
  2. Bring a moisturizer. Las Vegas is in a desert so your skin will get dry. Lip balm is essential.
  3. Alternate alcoholic drinks with water. This is key!!! Else you will end up as drunk as this author and wishing that you were dead the next morning.
  4. Shopping in Las Vegas is a fashionista's dream. Take it all in slowly and savor the moment.
  5. Don't hesitate. If you see something, buy it! Sigh, such as my hesitation buying Kate Spade aviator sunglasses.
  6. Don't wear newly bought jewellry to the club. I had purchased a really sweet gold chain charm bracelet from Juicy Couture, wore it to the club that night, and lost it. Now all I have is this picture below of it :(
  7. Dress to impress. Whether walking on the strip, dining out, or partying at night, people in Vegas love to dress sexy and fancy. Take this opportunity to ditch the sweats, but be sure to wear comfy shoes.
  8. Don't sleep! Vegas is too fun to waste time sleeping.
  9. Invest in a nice hotel. Cheap deals are everywhere for Las Vegas and a 4 star hotel at least is well worth the money. Make sure your hotel is in a strategic location, such as near the middle of the strip because the strip is too long to walk, especially if you don't follow #7 and wear non-comfy shoes.
  10. Invest in Photoshop or some other photo editing software. After looking at all your embarassing party photos in Las Vegas, you will want the ability to make yourself look so not-utterly-drunk-ass.


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