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Rihanna: girl, get thee to a stylist!

Sadly I missed watching the Grammy's. Actually, scratch that, now with the internet and Youtube I can watch the best parts of the Grammy's (the performances, the clothes, and the actually interesting bits of award speeches) without all the boring crap! The last few years I think award shows have been lacking with an over-abundance of perfection when it cames to attendees' outifts. Bring back Cher and Bjork! Everyone looks so boringly polished that I'm beginning to think that they all bought their outfits at the couture version of Gap. I mean, sure I understand nobody wants to end up on any Worst Dressed list, but part of the fun of getting free designer stuff and being a celebrity is that you're supposed to have the personality and fame to pull off looks that us ordinary mortals don't have the opportunity, and/or guts to try! Anyhow, rant aside, I do believe that sometimes celebs should use a stylist and perhaps not be so daring.

Take Rihanna for instance. I congratulated her on her daring to cut off her long locks and get that whole Posh spice asymmetric bob thing - that was hot. However her new super-cropped locks just accentuated her freakishly big forehead and made her look boyish. Sorry Rihanna, but you have to be Halle Berry or Sharon Stone beautiful to pull off short hair and I think you may still be a tad too young for that. And don't even get me started on that weird dress she was wearing at the Grammy after parties. Like WTF? Not only did her dress feature a bib front (which, along with leggings is a trend I am already wanting to stab to death), but it also looked like some weird imitation of an Aztec print you'd see in a museum. I think the actual Aztecs got it better. Sorry Rihanna, but you really are a good girl gone horribly horribly bad.

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