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Avon Naturals Body Lotion

I'm beginning to believe that my aunt in Calgary must sell Avon stuff since every birthday and Christmas I always receive some Avon swag from her. I've never in my life seen an Avon lady at my door, but I guess they must still exist somewhere out there, just like Tupperware parties. Anyhow, in this year's package I received Avon's Naturals Body Lotion in Mango & Passion Fruit. The first thing I like about this product is its lack of a pump, which if you've read my blog before, you would know that I absolutely hate the use of pumps in lotion bottles! I am also not a big fan of scented lotions since they interfere with whatever other scent you may be wearing later, and they are not good for sensitive skins. I would sat that this lotion's smell was a tad heavy on the mango and when you first slather it on, it does smell quite a bit. However, the smell goes away once the lotion's absorbed. I also noticed that when you first begin the bottle, the lotion is kind of watery, but thickens later in consistency to a passable thickness as you use it more; this is however, perhaps due to the period of time that the bottle sat on my bathroom shelf unused. After a few applications, my skin did feel softer and the lotion absorbs quickly, which makes it perfect for a quick post-morning-shower lube-up.

Final Verdict: an adequate, cheap, moisturizer (I wouldn't recommend for drier skin types) that absorbs quickly and has a fresh, fruity scent.

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