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Essential Beauty Products and Tools

In the latest issue of Elle Canada there is a great beauty article featuring tips by stars of the beauty industry such as Pat McGrath (director of P&G beauty), Bobbi Brown (makeup artist), Poppy King (Lipstick Queen), Federic Fekkai (celebrity hairstylist) and Dr. Nicholas Perricone (Dermatologist) on their essential must-haves for beauty products. Of course I, being an utter beauty product whore, own some form of every item on this list, except for the ones dealing with hair products, the body scrub and concealer. For some reason, I've always been a klutz with my hair! However, I hereby pledge to invest in those last two items I have yet to acquire in order to complete my beauty tool kit!

Essential Beauty Products

So I bet you're just dying to find out what these essentials are, aren't you?

  • Mascara - couldn't agree more, though I do think a good lip balm is just as key and both are the barest minimum for maintaining a clean look.
  • Body scrub containing some combo of sea salt, glycerine, almond oil and essential oils - sea salt exfoliates and stimulates circulation, glycerine seals in moisture, and almond oil leaves skin soft and oh-so-smooth.
  • Makeup brushes - a good set of brushes is a definite must-have if you want any sort of real control over your makeup application. Be sure to wash your brushes regularly and they will last you for years! I quite like the mini makeup brush kit from Body Shop because it contains all the brushes you need in a neat little package perfect for traveling.
  • Foundation - buy 2 shades: one for the colour of your skin at its palest, and one for when you have a tan (usually a couple shades darker). I usually just buy one though since I don't tan that drastically and during summer wearing a full face of foundation can cause break-outs.
  • Concealer - another essential! A clear complexion is the biggest thing to creating a clean look. I don't use concealer (I just use spots of foundation as my concealer) but it is definitely a must-have according to most people.
  • Tweezers - Sephora has the skinniest tweezers I've ever seen.
  • Lipstick - mascara and lipstick is all you need really as far as daily makeup goes. Lipstick gives your face some colour on those "washed-out" days.
  • Blush - ditto as #7, though I'd say a good bronzer works just as well too.
  • Moisturizer - omg people! Who doesn't know this? Ever seen those lubriderm commercials with the alligator? That's what you'll look like if you don't do this. Oh and sunscreen!!
  • Hairbrush with natural bristles - controls static and gives volume and shine
  • Eyelash curlers - this is my personal favourite makeup tool; it opens up your eyes and make lashes seem longer.
  • Anti-aging products - this article recommends ones containing alpha-lipoic acid which does all kinds of yummy things like decreasing pore size and puffiness, evens out skin tone, reduces lines and increases radiance. Wow!
  • A good hair-dryer with hot and cool settings - the cool setting will seal your hair cuticle to make it extra shiny.

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