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Go green.. on your face!

I feel in a nurturing mood lately, and in hot days there is nothing more soothing than the shade of a tree. Looking upwards at the sun shining through the leaves, I couldn't help but think to myself - man, that would make an amazing color for a dress! Green I feel is a most unappreciated color; despite being everywhere in nature, I find that greens can be hard to pin down in terms of fashion and it isn't a color you see very commonly. Among the summer bronzes and fall's monochromatic grays, a splash of green adds some interest to the landscape.

Right now, I am loving greens in the forms of colorful eye-shadows and liners. For the daytime try wearing this look in a sheer wash of color across your lids and under your eyes, or splash a bright emerald just along your lashline and smudge up to your crease. At night, go for darker tones, like mosses and forest greens to highlight your eyes for a colorful alternative to your regular smoky eye look.

Greens also go well with other colors too! Try mixing emerald green with a turquoise liner, or a shimmery gold over top of dark green. Browns go great with greens too - I discovered a great look involving my usual taupes and lining my lids with moss green shadow. In fact, any "earthy" tones will work!

Green shadows are a safe way to branch into colors, without going overboard into blue eyeshadow territory.

For shades to try I recommend the #007 by Sephora, which is a brilliant emerald shadow that goes on sheer. For darker shades I like Loreal's Soft Effects in Golden Moss; this palette has some gold sparkles mixed in to give you a subtly sparkly look which helps the shadows from looking too matte. I also love mixing the two shadows together for a pretty dark-light combination for heightened drama.

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