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celebrity does not equal intelligence

Sharon Sharon Sharon. You were a beautiful actress back in your day, and you still are beautiful and a shining example of aging gracefully. Well, physically aging gracefully. Your comments last week regarding the tragic earthquake in China have damaged my esteem of you greatly. Aw shucks, so much for fighting those blond stereotypes! Sure, one can sympathize with Tibet's plight of being annexed into China, but then again let's think about this intelligently, shall we? Those in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, and I seem to remember various European powers taking over foreign lands previously, and let's not even look at American history! Saying that the deaths of thousands of people and the countless children orphaned by the quake was basically China's "bad karma," is unbelievably stupid, narrow-minded, and ignorant! Never mind that you have offered your aid to China post-comment controversy - I seriously doubt any Chinese person in the affected area would welcome you with open arms, but would rather throw a piece of their crumbled home at your insensitive face! Oh yeah, and your little comment about how we shouldn't make fun of your buddy the Dalai Lama, really highlights your grasp of world affairs. This isn't high-school Sharon. It's not like we budged in front of DL in the cafeteria lineup, or picked him last for dodge ball. Sure it's true that bad things should happen to bad people, but were the Chinese who lost their homes, their families, or their lives all bad and therefore deserving of tragedy? I don't think that's the kind of charitableness that Buddhism teaches. Maybe the next time you think to yourself "Hey, how can I prove I"m not just a dumb pretty actress?" you should really ponder what you're going to say before opening your mouth.

Or alternatively, you can pull an Angelina Jolie and adopt 50 Chinese orphans.

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