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Butterflies and Glasses

A rare photo of me kind of wearing my glasses. I hate wearing glasses as they are always slipping down my nose and I feel as if I am looking through a little window instead of having full peripheral vision (peripherals are important!). I like playing the various colors of this outfit together, the black and white, and the magenta and turquoise against gold sandals. It's interesting to mix up your color combinations and recently I've been actively trying to do that more. Nobody told me I'm terribly clashing yet, but I'm sure one day my time will come.

In other news, I had a conversation today with a friend about forgiveness and what is unforgivable. Apparently I am too forgiving! Not surprising I suppose, since many times I bite my tongue in the interest of keeping the peace, but I don't feel like a pushover? What then is worth forgiving and what is not? Is it good to be forgiving, or does it only lead to people taking advantage of your niceness?

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