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Life is no Nintendo game

I wore this outfit awhile ago when the weather was in that perfect state where one can wear anything from a t-shirt to a light sweater and still be comfortable. I love this outfit for its mix of soft tones, from the purple of the tights, to the light pink of my sweater to the soft metallic taupe of my shoes. As well, this floral cross-body purse was one of my best purchases in a while as it's the perfect size to just fit my bare bare essentials when I just want to run out the door.

When my coworker sent me this song last week, I was immediately impressed with Rihanna's vocals and of course, the very personal lyrics of the song. Love the Way You Lie, is the latest duet between Eminem and Rihanna and is all about domestic abuse. It's an issue that hopefully none of us ever have to face, but too many do. While I have never been in a physically abusive relationship, I can emphasize with how the abused can get trapped into an unhealthy cycle. If you know someone in this situation, try not to judge them, but be there for them. You may not agree with their actions, but they need you more than they probably realize. This song is another example of how music can perfectly express in words and melody something complex.

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