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Did you know? Geek is hot. Yeah, I'm serious. Just check out the specs that all the trendsetters are wearing from Justin Timberlake, to that ridiculously cute hipster guy on your block, and you'll know what I mean. It's not just guys too, girls are getting into the geek chic look. This trend is all about taking nerd style and making it ironically cool with oversized frames and old-school tortoise and resin rims. However, it can be super hard to find the perfect set of frames to suit one's face; that's where services like Indivijual Custom Eyewear comes in!

Indivijual offers custom built sunglasses and prescription lenses for those who want their glasses to look like they were made just for them - because they were! Just fill in an extensive questionnaire about your style, physical appearance, and lifestyle, as well as take some sample photos - then mail it off and wait! In a couple weeks you'll receive a package with the perfect frames for you!

I've never been happy with how I look with glasses. I think they make me look super dorky and they hide my eyes, which are my best features. Looking at the specs that Indivijual sent me though, has got me pondering whether I should change my mind - perhaps some hipster frames with thigh-high stockings, a pleated mini, untucked button-down and grandpa cardigan are in order?

Which set do you think look best?

hotter in glasses

Can't afford custom frames? Here are some tips for picking frames for your face shape:

  • Oval. Most styles look good on oval faces, so try either geometric or rounded frames.
  • Oblong. Pick a curved or rounded style to emphasize the width of your face rather than the depth.
  • Round. Squared or angled frames will help sharpen your features.
  • Triangular. Aviator and geometric styles can add width to the lower part of the face.
  • Square. Look for rounded, cat-eyed, or oval styles to soften the shape of your face.
  • Rectangular. Curved or rounded styles will make your face appear wider.

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