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Hello there,

I'm a newbie to your blog. I saw that you help readers find clothes. I need help!

I a size 8 and have a 34 H bra size. It makes looking for clothes difficult. I was wondering if you could help me with the following:

1. What dress cut is best for those with huge breast and small waistline. I'm not perfect and I do have a belly pouch.

2. What websites have pretty/modern looking swimsuits for large breasted women?

3. Also, are there any retail stores you can suggest I browse for finding dress/tops in NYC?

I look forward to hearing what you find,


ND from NYC

Thanks so much for asking ND! I always love to help people find fashions just right for them. After some further questioning of ND, I found out that she has what she describes as "typical downtown New York" style, that she leans towards more conservative items for the office, and that she is curious about color! Measuring at size 8, with a 34 H bust line, she has a much emphasized hour-glass figure. This figure is touted as the most enviable figure as it is classically desirable to men (just listen to any rap video and you'll quickly learn that boy figures just don't cut it), but how does one wear items that will flatter instead of flash all those luscious goods? Here are some tips I found for hour-glass figures:

  • GET A BRA THAT FITS. This is absolutely, positively the most important factor here, especially for large busted women. The wrong size bra not only will not support, it may actually make you look bustier! The majority of women do not wear the proper size bra, so it is important to find a bra that fits. Many department stores and higher-end boutiques offer bra sizing assistance. Victoria's Secret sales associates are great for offering help too.
  • scoop and v-necks slim the face and chest
  • wide-leg, low waisted, pants with a straight leg, hide calves and thighs
  • A-line skirts
  • fitted, flowing, fabrics
  • anything with a defined waist
  • dark bottoms with lighter tops
  • bias-cut dresses, and shirt dresses with thin belts

With these tips in mind, here are some great day and night dress options for the hourglass figure:

Day-night dresses for hourglass figures

Day-night dresses for hourglass figures

These dresses are great for the day with their simple details and accentuated waistlines. Simply throw on a light knit cardigan to cover bare shoulders for the office, then whisk it off and pair with some jewelled heels for night. If you're new to wearing colors, shades of grey and navy are close enough to black to have the same slimming effect, but still stand out from the masses of LBDs. Finally, if you're ready to advance to full-fledged color, red is the perfect stand-out color and warms ones complexion; like the perfect red lipstick, a red dress screams sexy!

Evening dress for hourglass figures

Evening dress for hourglass figures

For strictly post-sunset occasions, try utilizing color and patterns! These eye-catching silk dresses feature again, defined waists, a flirtatious length, and necklines that don't overly highlight the chest. Halter necklines are very flattering on hour-glass figures and one-shoulder tops and dresses are edgy and modern.

In regards to the swimsuit question, I would recommend sticking to shapes that highlight that envious itty-bitty waist. Go for halter or triangle shaped tops, and high-cut, dark bottoms. Boy shorts are your enemy as they will hit right near the widest part of your body! Hour-glass figures are otherwise blessed in the swimsuit department as any classic swimsuit design will look great on you. Lycra and support tops will tuck, and lift, whatever bits need support. Here are some great picks from Victoria's Secret that fit the bill:

Swimsuits for hourglass figures

Swimsuits for hourglass figures

One-pieces and mono-kinis are super hot right now, as are retro styles. Coral is also the hottest color of the season, making the coral swimsuit in the front of this collage utterly ideal! Ruching on the sides of swimsuits also hides flab, but if you're feeling sexy then definitely go for a mono-kini with side cut-outs that will show off your fabulous hour-glass waist.

Sadly I'm not from, nor have visited New York City, so I have no recommendations for stores to visit! The answer to this last question I leave to my savvy readers - what are the best places to shop in NYC?

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