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In the meantime I was utterly distracted from catching up on my ever-growing to-do list by my recent email invite to Lookbook.nu from friend and reader SW! I had actually received an invite from Lookbook.nu long long ago, but stupidly had deleted it thinking I could just join whenever I wanted to later - OOPS was I ever wrong! Apparently LookBook.nu is by referral only, or you must apply with a full-on letter stating exactly why you should be allowed to enter.

Once you've signed up, there are lots of other rules too stating what sort of photos you may and may not post. If you've never heard of Lookbook.nu before, I highly suggest you visit because it is filled with amazingly artistic photos taken by regular people in poses and outfits more suited to a glossy fashion magazine than a "little" website! After perusing a few profiles, I am now highly intimidated and will have to up my photography and outfit game to keep up with these other inspiring Canadian fashionphiles:

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Bo M. has the loveliest poses and a very cool hipster vibe to her looks. The way she pulls at the skirt at this photo makes it look as if there's a breeze, when there isn't.

A perfect vision of spring with the flowers, green grass, and golden light. That funky feather necklace is pretty sweet too!

Here's one for the guys: a shining example of clean, crisp, preppy looks joined with a trendy cuffed pants twist.

I really like the tough vibe of this photo against the rustic natural setting. Although her pose is a bit "don't show-cha your chocha" it still works!

If you want to check out my profile on Lookbook.nu, it's right here. I only have one outfit posted yet, but keep checking back as I'll start updating more soon!

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