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You stole my heart like a crook in love

Finally it's June, but it feels more like March. I cannot wait for warmer weather to arrive!! At least June will prove to be a more restful month compared to May, which was packed full of events for me for Asian Heritage Month. It was all capped off with Schema's first annual fundraiser/party West is East where we were raising funds for ourselves and for Giant Robot Magazine. The night featured great local music and dance acts like Boom Box Saints, DJs Bles-sed and Nina Mendoza, and dance crew Style-o-Phonics. It was more work than play for me as I ran around most of the night handling ticket sales and helping to make sure things were a success - quite the different experience! It is definitely more fun to attend than to organize events, but it's also rather fulfilling to see your hard work in action. Shout-outs to all the volunteers and especially Alden, Claudia, Christina, Mauree, Kei, and Sammie-Jo for making it all happen!

This week's outfit is accompanied by a Talib Kweli song called Never Been In Love. It's a pretty smooth song and the lyrics are meaningful as well, but it was too long for me to post so I'll just provide a link to it here. Basically, the song is about how Talib is a former ladies man who finds himself wanting to commit to one special lady. It's a common girl dream of being The One and having a man change to be with her, but the questions that are raised in my mind by the lyrics are how do we know when we're in love? If you've never been in love how do you know what it feels like, or if you have been in love, how do you know if you really were, or were you just fooling yourself? I think what we're told by popular culture of love is usually just the infatuation stage and real love comes after. I don't pretend to know the answer, but from what I can tell, love to me is measured by how much you will do to make the other person happy and how important that other person is in your life. Love is about how seeing them happy makes you happy and that feeling of rightness when you're with them. So I have to ask, what is love to you, and how many times have you really loved?

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