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How to wear scarves without looking like an emo kid

This style question comes courtesy of long-time BHMnB reader, Mr. Denim. Deploring the lack of male oriented posts, he sent me a great style task of finding stylish, colorful scarves that won't break the bank. Now, being familiar with Mr. Denim's style, I know that he is one well-dressed dude, but that his fashion leanings are more metro than emo. However, I quickly learned that those emo-hipsters have that scarf market cornered and the reason why is that they are quick to embrace styles that are quirky and unique. For men, sometimes just exploring colors other than khaki and blue is considered quirky, so you can appreciate the open mindedness of Mr. Denim! To avoid looking hipster, just pair your manly scarf with prepster looks, like a simple crisp button-down, or a comfy sweater vest, and some sleek shoes. Alternately, pair your scarf with a classic men's watch and blazer and you'll look money.

Here are some options for unique scarves that step away from plain old ordinary:

Plaid scarf by Rubber Duck Karmaloop

What makes a scarf feminine or masculine? OK, so maybe excessive tassels or pom-poms are a good indicator, but often scarf designs are very unisex. Take for instance, this Rubber Duck unisex scarf: featuring a laid back plaid pattern that is so typically male, this scarf is for the trendy man who wasn't afraid to rock a pink shirt a few years ago and who scoffs at balking at wearing a purple scarf.

Ilse scarf by Accessories by WeSC Karmaloop

The graphic color combination of this scarf by WeSC is what makes this option work. Each of the colors in the scarf are easily matchable to whatever clothes you have, while providing a subtle splash of color that's sure to bring eyes to your face. Great for the cautious male who wants to look sharp without taking risks.

Nordstrom Stripe Alpaca scarf

Really really afraid of adventure? Then this navy striped scarf from Nordstrom's is for you. Made from baby alpaca hair, this scarf is naturally hypoallergenic and warmer than sheep's wool. Fringe on the ends provide visual contrast, as do the discreet striping. Blue is a color that flatters most skin tones and is said to be the most soothing color - isn't that just perfect for cold winter days?

Fa├žonnable Plaid Scarf Nordstrom

I love this scarf. If I saw a man wearing this scarf, I would think he had great classic style. Made of wool and angora, this scarf feels as good as it looks. The preppy plaid features a cool color palette of blues, golds, and greys that is universally flattering. Excellent for the urban intellectual, try pairing this one with a black v-neck sweater, designer denim, and a cool leather bomber jacket.

Gucci "Mirren" scarf

OK, so this scarf is hardly cheap, but it's Gucci and it's 40% off! Made of 90% wool and silk, this scarf is a piece of luxury straight out of Italy and features a signature stripe and softly fringed ends. True metrosexuals love luxury and you can't go much more luxe than Gucci. If you enjoy the finer things in life, then this is an utterly justifiable splurge for you.

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