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The perfect clutch

As mentioned previously, I am currently on the hunt for the perfect going-out clutch. I already own a clutch - a lavender sequined satin wristlet from Old Navy that I am quite happy with, but sadly lately it leaves me wanting for more. My current wristlet is the perfect size fitting money, keys and phone, but I've gotten tired of only having one option for clutches and I want something that is more sleek and sophisticated, than well, just sparkly. Purchasing another regular purse, of which I have many, will not do either, unless it is a Chanel chain-link purse (see left).

So, being an engineer, I could not just simply go around shopping with a vague idea of what this ideal clutch purse would be; I had to have a plan and an objective in order to fully accomplish this elusive mission. After some careful deliberation (on the bus, in the gym, and in class) I came up with the following requirements:

  • Size must be approximately between 15-25 cm wide and of a thickness (while containing items) of no more than 6cm.
  • Must be able to comfortably contain bills, change, keys, cards, 1 cell-phone, and a tube of lip gloss.
  • Material must not stain, or must be at least easily washable. Preferable fabrics are leather and patent leather. Satin and silk though pretty, may not apply.
  • Color: black, cream-beige/tan, or silver. Other colors and patterns will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
  • Wristlet strap, or convertible strap is a bonus.
  • Must be stylish and fitting for the following occasions: clubbing, office parties, and formal occasions such as weddings or xmas parties.

After trawling my local malls, I have come to the sad conclusion that many clutches out there fail in at least one of these requirements. Many clutches are far too big and cheap-looking. As well, clutches that are touted as "evening purses" often are too old-ladyish and are covered in beading. I didn't realize that my needs were so specific; after all, I was simply looking for stylish, sophisticated and trendy, yet classic enough to be formal. Is that too much to ask?? Disheartened, I took to the Internet to show me the way.

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