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Sequel to Manly Fashion Question: the short-sleeved version

Previously a reader asked the question of what were some good dress shirts for men that were also inexpensive? It would seem that this is a popular theme since another Being High Maintenance reader recently asked a very similar question, however there is a slightly new twist to the theme. The required shirt must be a t-shirt, perhaps with a pocket, and must look good with black dress pants. After some nosing about, I found the winning results, all of which I might add would look great with a smart blazer!

  • J. Lindeberg Colby Jersey. This pick is perfect nerd-chic.
  • Guess S/S Harrison Jersey. A cool graphic print takes a ho-hum polo into night-time hotness. This shirt is casual, yet tight enough to show off your defined muscles!
  • Union Jeans short-sleeve tee. This uber-casual tee will go with everything. Pair it with some crisp black dress pants and some sweet kicks and this plain tee will make you stand out.
  • Saint Augustine Academy Annex Paneled tee. This shirt is for the trend-setters. Be bold with this mod-esque shirt. Highly recommend you wear this shirt with the white jeans, as shown! Super hot.
  • Theory Linen Normand v-neck. For summer, a bright color is always a fresh, welcome change from the usual black/grey/white combos. This linen shirt would look great with the desired black pants, or a pair of cool khaki shorts during the day.
  • Triple Five Soul Sold My Soul tee. Be a little badass with this cool graphic tee from Triple Five Soul. The ladies like a little dangerousness in their men!

Thanks to Mr. Metro for this question!

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