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I love love love lip gloss. I never leave the house without at least a swipe of tinted lip balm on myself. I just love that feeling of having moist, soft lips and if they're nice looking and shiny to boot, then even better. So if you love lip gloss like I do, the only question is do you pay or do you save?

Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush lip gloss

For the go cheap option, we have Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush lip gloss. You certainly get your bang for your buck and the gloss comes in a wide variety of shades varying from the pearlescent "sugar high" to the super blue "spring fling" (though who in their right minds wears blue lip gloss?!). Since glosses tend to come out very translucent, I tend to buy a richer shade than I may normally purchase when buying lipstick, which is why I chose the shade "punchy" which is a bright magenta colour in the tube that also surprisingly came out quite bright on my lips! The gloss itself was very thick and needed some work to smear on, and I also found the texture to be stickier than I preferred. However, the colour was very flattering and looks great when paired with subtle eye makeup (think lush lashes, bare lids, and bright lips). Another important thing about glosses and lip balms is whether they taste good too, since one often finds themselves licking their lip gloss off. I was pleased to find that the Beauty Rush gloss not only smelled good, but tasted good too!

MAC Lipglass

For those with more expensive tastes we have MAC Cosmetics Tinted Lipglass. This gloss is more expensive than the Beauty Rush a tube, but it is definitely worth it. MAC Cosmetics is always a good buy as their makeup is good quality and lasts forever. The Lipglass shades are more sophisticated and subtler than the Beauty Rush shades and the texture is slightly less sticky. I myself own the shade "instant gold" and I love how it adds a golden peachy shimmer to my lips and enhances any shade of lipstick that I layer beneath it. Plus, while you need to slather on a few drops of the Beauty Rush gloss to cover your lips, the Lipglass requires only one swipe of its brush along your bottom lip to cover your whole mouth for hours. With the Lipglass you pay more, but you get more as well. The Lipglass is definitely the higher-end, more serious version of the girly Beauty Rush and I would highly recommend this gloss for the serious fashionistas.

Final Verdict:

Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush: a cheap good buy perfect for everyday wear, but a bit too thick and sticky.

MAC Lipglass: better quality, shine, and overall a better product. If you wear lip gloss often, buy this one because it is certainly worth the price.

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