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My secret lust for legwarmers began in high school when I first saw them on some Japanese exchange students - they paired them with all kinds of shoes and short skirts and even pants. Years later, I begin to see the trend emerge here in the same incarnations. Not just a trend of the 80s, leg warmers have made their way out of the aerobics and dance studios and into the winter landscape. Available in a variety of textures, fabrics, and colors, leg warmers are an inexpensive and trendy way to keep your legs warm while wearing skirts, leggings or even skinny jeans.


There are two basic styles it seems with legwarmers: chunky or long. Chunky ones usually top out just underneath your knee, and should only be paired with tights or with a skirt and be warned that the bulkiness could make your legs look like Popeye's arms so I wouldn't really recommend this to short people like myself! To me, going with a longer version would be a safer bet since then you can still scrunch them if you want a chunky look, layer them with tights, or you could wear them with calf-length boots, with the legwarmer peeking above the boots. As for footwear, pretty much anything goes I'd say, so long as you wear it with some attitude! Heels go great with legwarmers, as do flats and boots. I haven't tried pairing legwarmers with runners, but I imagine it could work too. With a look this distinctive, let your creativity flow!



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