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Physicians Formula Plump Palette

Everyone wants pillowy, plump, Angelina lips, but not everyone wants to undergo the drastic procedures of plastic surgery to get them. For those not willing to go on the surgery table, many cosmetic lines have produced lip products promising to "plump our puckers." One such product is Physicians Formula's Plump Palette plumping lip color. This palette comes with 4 shades (thus the palette part) that can be mixed and matched, or worn alone. The palettes range from brown tones to pink nudes to match various skin tones and lip colors. The palette also comes with its own lip brush and mirror for easy application. I purchased the mauve palette and following the packet's instructions, wore the colours consistently for a week.

The colors go on sheer and matched my skin tone well, providing a splash of colour and shine without looking obvious. As for the plumping, immediately after application my lips would feel tingly, kinda like that feeling you get in your mouth right after biting into some really minty gum. After a week and some careful observations I did notice that my lips seemed a bit, well, plumper! Amazing! I have yet to find another product that could yield the same results for such a cheap price. Though I didn't really like having to wear the same lip colour consistently for days on end, I guess one could think of it as being the same as wearing a daily moisturizer and the colours are subtle enough that you could wear them as a "plumping base" underneath whatever other lip colour you decide to slick on.

Final Verdict: Great colours and reasonable plumping action at a good price. Definitely worth checking out.

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