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However, serious partying means hitting clubs that are likely a lot nicer than clubs in my city so I need a new clubbing dress I think. I do have a Marciano top which I am hoping to either exchange for a different size or to use to help exchange it for a totally different item. After checking out the Marciano and Guess websites, I've come up with 2 Lusts that I think are worthy:

First is this Marciano Blue Nile dress. A boring LBD this is not; the bright blue hues and cutouts in the back make this dress stylish and unique. As well, the dress' length and chiffon hem make it flirty and playful, while still looking sexy.

Second up is Guess' Lana dress in silver. I'm really into cowl necks so this dress appealed to me right away. This dress to me is pure hotness because it hugs your curves, but in that good way and it has a slight shimmer to it which appeals to my love of shiny/sparkly things. The only issues I have with this dress is whether the colour will go well with my Asian skin tone.

So now I have a dilemma. Which one should I get? Will either even be in the store this weekend when I hit the mall? Am I seriously turning into a shopaholic who would rather spend money on clothes than food?


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