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Guess' Madeleine Double Breasted Coat

Me, transformed into a hotter, skinnier version by this beautiful white coat

There is something about wool coats that just embody cozy sophistication in winter weather. In a wool coat you are stylish, warm and classic. Now when you add white into the mix you up the style and sophistication factor way up! White screams crispness, purity and classic elegance. In a white wool coat I feel like an Asian Audrey Hepburn. Or a classy Kimora Lee, depending on how I feel that day. Either way, when I saw this coat in the Guess store in Richmond Centre, it literally made me drool. It is white, 60% wool, soft to the touch, double breasted AND has a trench belt WITH convenient side pockets!!!!! I don't even care that it's $207.88 or that it will be nearly impossible to maintain its pure milk-white color. I want it and I will simply wear it in my room if I have to. And I will accessorize it with a faux-fur muff. Why? Just because I can.


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